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"Guide to Referral Part 2" 5.Use social networks and the latest Internet to attract referrals: Bone uses all forms you have to socialize, and similar contact you via the Internet, to publicize your profit system, without seeming advertising to get his eyes, or so obviously and really efficient it is. As in the tips mentioned above, it is enough to put a brief with your link Ylist, if you can accompany with any youtube video, file, put it as news, events, show and write it as an article interesting or funny, count it as an opportunity that turned out for you, or something useful, and so on. The possibilities are endless according to your creativity. FACE harnesses the potential of book; Twite, blog or if you own, or virtual community e-zine for you to participate, other social networks where you are, send emails to your contacts, etc.. Just remember not to force anybody not to spam spam osea people do not know, without exaggerating or lying on profits, not to promise things they can not deliver or offer false hopes, but if, highlighting the qualities of your choice and watch as they decide whether to participate or not in your opportunity. 6.Crear or use videos: Bone if you get some lazy writing both here and ally are a habitual user of Youtube, uses related videos you can find to promote your way to win and accompany with your link or better yet, create your own video and upload it to youtube and dalos released later in the network now there are many useful tools and easy to use to create videos without much complication of difficult or inaccsesibles ocostosas.Solo technologies have a web cam, besides being a fun way to advertise for you and for didactic others.


May 21st


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