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Professor Wolfgang Wahlster
by Tam

Everyday technologies are increasingly becoming a discipline of computer science Berlin – Professor Wolfgang Wahlster defines the AI abbreviation from the German Research Centre for artificial intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrucken”as future information technology. And she is always relevant for everyday technologies. The Internet of the future is the integration of the Internet of things, the services, the 3D-Webs and the Semantic Web. We will get that are networked to each other, from the smart electricity meter to the charging stations for electric cars more and more digital refined everyday objects. New business models emerge, when combined with the appropriate Internet services now this Internet of things. We will see IP-based networking from the factory up in the automobile”, so choosing St. It soon may be economic devices instead to equip with classic controls and displays with an invisible radio interface such as ZigBee, NFC, Wi-Fi and to export, the interaction component on the Web or on the phone, writing “” Friedemann Mattern and Christian Florkemeier ETH-Zurich scientists in an article for the journal computer science spectrum “: then also smart things, which so far had no chance to reveal their State of the environment, because they for traditional use interface are too small or talk to other reasons, however, such as a pacemaker or a piece of clothing, will benefit from this development.” From a technical standpoint, it was a small step, rather when are these objects instead of only using browser or mobile phone with Internet services connect or connect even with each other. Learn more about this topic with the insights from altavista.

Generally would take to hybrid products are created, composed of physical performance and new information service. If objects represent access points for matching services, products, for example, use recommendations and notes on maintenance can give, give information about guarantees or pointing out complementary products”, Macdonald and Florkemeier further run. On the international Funkausstellung (IFA) of the 3. (Similarly see: isearch). until September 8, you will see a development, as the entire consumer electronics is increasingly becoming a discipline of computer science and hybrid technologies are conquering the market, predicts the Bitronic Chairman Peter B. Zaboji. So, plunges the IT industry with great panache on the mobile telephony and enables completely new application scenarios that go far beyond voice communications.

From the perspective of Bitronic, which is more than welcome, because we have our roots in information technology”, emphasizes the ICT expert. Eventually, the differences between mobile, notebook and NetBook, stationary PC would disappear altogether. Online services on your TV will be among the top issues of the IFA. The great potential of the new generation of devices is in parallel information at your fingertips. In addition, Philips, Samsung, Sony and LG TV portals offer new ways to experience games and fun on your TV with TV apps. Each company file after analysis of the consulting firm mind business to business models for Web services and online services that go far beyond the sale of the devices also. The after sales specialist Bitronic sees the digital home network as a major building block for an expansion of the application scenarios in the Internet. What would prevail in your own four walls, have also impact on the entire economy.

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June 15th


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