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Construction and reconstruction in the cramped conditions of the existing urban areas should implement methods to ensure protection of existing buildings and structures from damage (prevention of deformities, ensuring the strength and sustainability of existing buildings, structures and facilities, etc.). During construction in areas of existing buildings and close proximity to the underground facilities operated small Do not use the method of laying the piling clogging. An alternative method is to fencing of the bored piles. Russia has a rich experience of bored piles of large and responsible construction. The proportion of bored pile foundations across the country reaches 10%. In the U.S., Germany and Japan share piles of 40 – 60% of the total employed piles.

The advantages of the foundations of bored piles should include: reducing the need for machinery and transport, improve the reliability of structures by reducing the general and non-uniform sediment, reducing the influence of winter on the pace and quality of work; possible use as a solid foundation soils, occurring at great depths, the possibility of the device of piles of different lengths, based on the required mark at dramatically rugged durable roofing soil taken from the base of piles, the ability to transfer to one pile of a large range of loads, for example, from 1000 to 10000 kN or more; possibility to arrange a pile of large diameter (compared to the knock-in piles), which significantly improves the work piles on the horizontal load, the ability to organize the piles without reinforcement in the lower part, where there is no transfer of moments and horizontal forces, the lack of significant vibrations and shock during production work. When the device of this type of piles, drilled wells under the protection of the inventory of casing. Their application allows you to work in close proximity to existing buildings, eliminates obsypanie walls and deformation of soils. Also simplifies the maintenance of the site, reducing the need for water. Manufactured reinforcing cage, and is further mounted in the wells drilled and fit concrete. There are several methods devices bored piles. The choice of method depends on the geological conditions of the site selected for construction, as well as on economic feasibility. on the device bored piles consult a qualified specialist companies 'Gradstroy' tel.8 (343) 3763753,3765026



August 19th


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