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Private Cloud In The Data Center By AS/point
by Tam

“AS/point data center for ERP customer data security, flexibility and cost control ubach-Palenberg, October 2011: ERP vendors AS/point offers its customers a private cloud” in the modern data center with 99.99% reliability. Especially for small and medium-sized providers, outsourcing offers advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and especially security the goods economy. With the acquisition of the customers ERP hosting, data security is the core business for AS/point. A State of the art data center stands for high availability and capacity, 99.99% reliability and uninterrupted support. The outsourcing of inventory management in the data center offers customers or even newcomers, who want to work with an ERP solution for the first time, a number of advantages AS/point. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge..

A package solution helps to get a fast start elaborate installations locally there is no. Initial investment, otherwise often represent a barrier for smaller companies that are eliminated. Scalable rental models grow with the customers with precisely when they need it. The cover of an ERP solution in the AS/point data center also ensures that users have automatic access to updates, releases to the latest version or regulations are no longer an issue for the user. Essential additional data security remains the main argument. We ensure our customers’ current ERP software, which is immediately available in the hosting service without capex and flow, explains Wilhelm Krahe, IT consultant, AS/point. In our data center we can offer also the ultimate data safety, that no small or medium-sized business owners with own resources could muster.” The redundant power supply is in addition to the reliable air conditioning on the main features of the data center. Therefore, each server rack is powered by two independent circuits, an emergency power unit (diesel) secures 72 hours at full load in addition.

Per rack, air conditioning provides a maximum cooling capacity of 12 kW to the Available. Temperature sensors monitor the distribution of heat in the data center and alert when exceeding the set temperature. The data center has also a fully redundant ATM / Gigabit outdoor connection through separate carrier, a variable a choice structure, as well as fully redundant backbone routers. Physically perfect, fire detection system, intrusion detection system, access control and video surveillance secure the database. When malfunctions or failure, a monitoring service notifies around the clock. Marc van Heiss

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October 27th


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