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Take care of the heat efficiency of any heating system has the property over time to fall, usually as a result of gradual fouling of pipelines, heat exchangers, pumps and radiators hardness salts contained in water. It is estimated that millimeter deposits on the inner surfaces reduces heat transfer up to 20%, and this in turn entails an increased consumption of energy source to maintain the required temperature in the rooms. Hence the need for cleaning of heating almost any heating system. And in this case it may be noted that “Progress” also allows you to use more effective methods of treatment. Thus, by “Gidroflou (UK), developed special equipment to clean and protect from scale and deposits of heating systems, boilers, boilers, heat exchangers, steam generators, etc. The principle of operation of such devices based on the use of high frequency electromagnetic pulse generator with variable frequency. Generated impulses cause formation in solution, the tube axis, the nuclei of crystals of various salts.

The mass of the solution created by the nuclei is the growth of crystals with dimensions of about 50 microns. After this, crystals were carried out of the system with water flow. At the same time setting protects the pipe from internal corrosion: field generated by delaying the free electrons of the metal on the outer surface of the pipe, impoverishing the metal atoms at the inner surface of the pipe and thus blocking electrochemical reaction. Efficiency of the heating system may be reduced as a result of dirt with faulty sumps. Sump blockage is determined by the testimony of gauges installed before and after him, according to increase in pressure drop. Eliminated the obstruction through the mud sump outlet drain valves at the bottom. If this way clogging persists, then the sump disassembled and cleaned the grid and the inner surface. For Prevention of this problem must be regularly servicing sump installed in the heating unit building.

Generally, the operation of the heating system in a private home or apartment building needs regular diagnostics that will identify and eliminate these and other problems.



July 26th


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