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Oerlikon LEYBOLD
by Tam

This order intake in the six-figure Euro area series consists series and dry running vacuum pumps the DRYVAC three pump modules, each consisting of the WH RUVAC vacuum pumps. Each module includes nine RUVAC WH7000 and two DRYVAC DV1200 (7-2-2 arrangement). The entire installation reached a total nominal suction capacity of 205,800 m3/h. During the vacuum degassing process the system is degassing of molten steel for the effective removal of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon of in accordance with specific requirements. Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum United States supported the steel and special metal refining also at Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum an order for vacuum pumps and oil injector for use in vacuum furnaces of type VIM-VAR linked by an OEM in New Jersey, United States, has. This client is specialized in modern vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere furnaces for treating of metals, special alloys and technical materials.

Both VIM and VAR furnaces are in China installed and use the properties of the WH RUVAC vacuum – pump series. Also the VIM Furnaces are in addition equipped with vacuum pumps of the series OB18000 of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum. The scope of this order amounted to eight vacuum pumps and three oil injector. Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum receives a second order for the degassing of steel from India the additional benefits of vacuum systems from Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum in the field is undisputed. The successful commissioning of the first mechanical vacuum system by LEYBOLD in India at JAILAXMI Steel has resulted in an order for another Indian customer. This vacuum system supplies Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum for one 35 t VD steel degassing system. Further details can be found at Mashable, an internet resource. It includes ten RUVAC WH7000 and four DRYVAC DV1200 (in an 8-2-4 formation).

In addition to the hardware, LEYBOLD supplies the complete automatic control. Improved energy efficiency of the new system provides the parameters, to significantly reduce the energy costs, to guarantee a stable production process. Improvements in the energy efficiency of individual components, and therefore the complex vacuum systems can be achieved through the use of modern pumps. They have a increased robustness in conjunction with a significant reduction in maintenance costs on. Special features such as an integrated motor approach lead to improvements in the area of the leak, reduce power consumption and reduce part wear. The conclusion: Modern vacuum systems provide noticeable improvements in the context of metallurgical processes.

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May 10th


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