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New Generation
by Tam

Professional and affordable Internet presentations of German Krusitzki, owner of the BIV duty Grossniedesheim, speaks from personal experience: here makes the wrong choice, you can get as many other companies: 90 percent of the costs caused by dependence on the webmaster only after the completion of the website. Then it can be very fast the most expensive site, if it is poorly made and you lose customers as a result.” In addition, a professional Internet presence must be not expensive. A website for a small to medium-sized businesses realized German Krusitzki 490 euros. Similar solutions are usually evident in the 4-digit range”. Over 50% of customer contacts, in the social and economic areas, already come through the Internet. No wonder that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises but also are many freelancers looking for an affordable and professional website. Prerequisite for a successful presentation in the Internet is the timeliness of the information.

Often you can find quotes or dates that are already expired years ago. “The visitor loses interest in these cases immediately and retains a bad impression of the company”, says German Krusitzki: we provide our customers with a modern content management system Web pages. ” Our recommendation: optimize your Internet presence now before he becomes a bottomless pit. With the decision for a modern content management system clients win a piece of independence and to carry out changes and updates quickly and easily, without programming knowledge even. As a handicraft business can offer an online brochure with constantly up-to-date examples of his work its customers on its website. The customer can choose from at home alone and convince yourself. A printed catalogue is quickly obsolete and often higher cost as a good Internet presence.

Emails are the most popular Internet service with more than 80 percent. What so obvious, than as a marketing tool for new customers and more sales and profits. Just for small business email marketing is interesting because when compared to classic Werbebriefen the costs for printing and distribution. The use of the Internet communication center saves time and money. Requests from contact forms flow E.g. automatically in address databases and send the right E-Mail response on request. German Krusitzki offers small and medium-sized enterprises a comprehensive service around the website. This is the guarantee for the further growth of the company in connection with an excellent price performance ratio. Here he uses the content management system of the cooperation partner Worldsoft AG in his agency. The soft world CMS is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises and tailored to this target group. So, no purchase of more expensive software is necessary. The system is running on high-performance servers and is included in the price for hosting the rent for the use of the system. Depending on the extent the site from 6.90 euros per month. Worldsoft AG Headquartered in Neuchatel, Switzerland, is a leading provider of Web hosting and E-business solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe and was founded in the year 2000. The Web and enterprise content management solutions offers Worldsoft ASP-based.



July 31st


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