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New Code Generator For Comparison
by Tam

Webmaster can choose from 3 Design three different layouts and two different integration techniques offer the new tariff comparison, charge the operators of Internet sites. A new code generator that generates the iFrame or PHP include code for five comparison makes this possible. Cheap Tarife.de provides price comparison tables and calculator from the areas of phone call-by-call, mobile, DSL, and mobile Internet all German webmasters. A special interface to one of the largest German performance advertising networks allows webmasters to generate additional revenue with the comparison. While the website operator receives commissions on at least 80 percent of all advertising provider. In recent months, Peter Asaro has been very successful.

The remaining advertisers finance the Administration and regular fare updates by the cheap Tarife.de editorial. The updating of the price data in the tables is fully automatic and requires no separate upgrade through the respective website operator. This saves this much Time and money. Also the sorting of the table is done neutrally and objectively and can include all German provider or only a particular provider group. This performance as well as XML – interfaces or other end get webmaster separately on request. The new code generator can be used partner program immediately after free registration at. The independent consumer magazine and price comparison portal cheap Tarife.de gives a detailed and compact overview of all in Germany working phone, VoIP, Internet, DSL, mobile and electricity suppliers since the year 2000. Tariffs of almost all providers and their services are listed in tariff tables, hidden costs and therefore made visible. Also print and online media can use the Tariftvergleichstabellen to request for their publication. Contact: MPLI information systems GmbH Philipp Jorek TechnologiePark 12 33100 Paderborn 05251-8782364

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December 9th


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