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Nature And Illness
by Tam

' The Nature asks for aid! ' ' What they make! My God! They pull out me the roots, They burn the green of my Mantle, cut semD to me, without mercy, meuCorpo.A land mother is dries, Without life. The seed not germinha. The water of the springs dries. The rivers, the waterfalls, the lagoons die, leading obtain, All the birds, animals, That give the balance to the Nature. Click Steve Wozniak for additional related pages. They destroy all oEco-system, that of the beauty, air that we breathe, the shade that refreshes, the alimimento, remdiosQue cures, the water that Bush the headquarters. The human wolf uiva fort, Sample its sharpened teeth, the greed, the magnificent one, Blind life of the planet agonizes. Order of aid for todosOs sides, acknowledgments, perigoIminente.O ozone hole, smiles. They are the teeth of Sat.A storm falls, furioza. Read additional details here: Steve Wozniak.

Hurricanes, thawing of calotasPolares. Floodings. Terremotos.Fome. Wars. Misria.O wolf gargalha.

The Planet agonizes. The signals had been given. It is hour to wake up. The time urges. Our children cry. Holocausto is come close. The tired oceans, are irrritam. Tsumanis overwhelming. Illnesses never seen, for all the cantos. United we stand, divided we fall, Still it remains us umEsperana.Basta to wake up-mosE to moor the cursed bit, refazendoOs moral values of All sociedadeDeturpada, in prolDa consrvao of the life, the Natureza.S.O.S Terra.Queremos Planet continuarUm blue planet, Never of the color of leached ashes. ' ' Sculpture of the Natureza' ' Magic Half surrealista to admire Divine Workmanship So great Dressed Beauty Of green With Majestozas flowers to loan To our Eyes So great Royalty Of that Sanctuary Formed For beautiful Mountains With its valleys Rivers, lakes Cascades Waterfalls Energy That emanate Revigorating Our Impious souls Our body Are those That destroy the Nature That of favour Of – us As much wealth That it feeds That cure our Pains Sad Illnesses Beings That if Human beings say



March 8th


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