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Monkeys Jump
by Tam

As the monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want to bind with its claws and inward, the silence of their brutality. Today I remember my grandfather Pedro Meza, when they used to say with complete certainty those green olive trees are treacherous, such as monkeys, when they jump from one branch to another and in the air want, bind with its claws and inward all the silence of their brutality. At the moment in which this Honduras under the oppressive boot military, by the coup d’etat perpetrated since June 28, 2009, I can not think of a document which my grandfather treasured and that I was reading, just as a child, in those evenings of coffee and doughnuts. He spoke of an Admiral Osses. Argentino, a man who belonged to the Army Navy, born at the end of the 33 and who declared, have belonged to a frustrated generation, who had dreams, ideals and that reaching the twilight of life felt failure. My grandfather, quandary his writing traditions and military values and did not understand how there could be both chasm between what is written and the proceedings. In that document Mr Osses, spoke of: humility, loyalty tied to freedom. Humility humility in the sense of understanding and listening I said. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rusty Holzer.

And my grandfather said: do you know understand and listen to them? I think that non – of ceso encaracolado. Fast they wrinkle the forehead and rage. They each has his theory and does not listen to others. Loyalty tied to freedom said: loyalty requires a total intellectual freedom. And my grandfather said: do intellectuals them? don’t like to read, lexicon has very low, and they are dull to render a coherent and intelligent discourse. Handsfree to what? to do and undo at his whim. They are only loyal to themselves and to the coimeros.

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June 4th


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