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Marine Animals Serve
by Tam

More fish on the table eating healthy is one of the topics that probably no one but comes to. The debates about analog cheese or fast food are on everyone’s lips. However, many forget the essential components of our diet. The news portal news.de summarizes the benefits of seafood. Germany is supplied in nutrition as well.

Basically, there is nothing that does not exist. Compared to other Nations but lacks two crucial food ingredients: iodine and Omega-3 fatty acids. Both are abundant in fish. It is in this country but rare on the plate. According to the fish information centre, per capita consumption currently stands at a catch weight of 16 kg.

88 kg meat, taking the Germans on average each year to stand on the other. There were general practitioners and author Dr. Frank Liebke, the ratio would be different. In his book fish recipe”, he explained the importance of sea animals to health. Lancaster, there is hardly a disease, not covered by a increased fish consumption could be soothed. The spectrum of diabetes and dementia rich about osteoporosis to wrinkles and obesity. Finally, the number of cardiovascular diseases was significantly lower in Nations such as Japan and Iceland, where much fish is consumed. More information: .

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June 15th


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