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Love Poem For Valentine
by Tam

Love letters or poems to Valentine’s day on February 14th is Valentine’s day. Recently Alina de Almeida sought to clarify these questions. On this occasion, many personal declarations of love give love poem or love letter. Love poems and love letters are classical love gifts, which nearly everyone is pleased. Can often be found the delusion, the Valentine’s day was going back to the Munich original Karl Valentin. The comedian from the Bavarian capital would have his fun with this day, where in addition to flowers and personal odds and ends like love letters and poems are given away while sure, but he is neither the “polluter pays” still a day of remembrance to his honor. Certainly, no one knows to what Valentine’s Valentine’s day, which is so well suited for a love poem for the beloved one, refers.

Usually he is recovered but on the Bishop Valentine of Terni, was executed on February 14, 269 a.d. in the Roman Empire because he couples should have married despite prohibition of Roman Emperor Claudius II. the Christian rite. Should the Bishop Valentine Couples gave flowers and the marriages concluded by him should have been particularly good. A nice opportunity for a day of love and an excellent opportunity to give a love poem.

Another explanation, which constitutes only the date, but not the designation for the Valentine’s day goes back to a memorial day in ancient Rome. February 14 was the goddess Juno, who was responsible for the protection of marriage and family. Already at that time the Romans should have given their wives flowers and certainly also has an or others already presented a love poem or love letters written to his wife. Love poems and love letters are beautiful occasions to put the feelings into words and to express themselves even without any ifs and buts. Sometimes it is but advisable when it comes to very strong personal feelings, to formulate them by an outsider. With some distance to the person, the fine words are love poems are formulated often more accurately and more appealing than the lovers is even possible. The Valentine’s day offers a good opportunity on February 14 every year again for this purpose. A. Kroger Fine rhymes

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