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Lourdes, is a small commune of France, located in le Southeast of the Hautes-Pyrenees Department, practically on the border with Spain. The appeal of Lourdes, lies in that it is an important religious destination annually attended million tourists, to perform the famous pilgrimages to the sanctuary of Lourdes, but also because it boasts wonderful mountain, typical landscapes of the regions of the Pyrenees. The hotel infrastructure of Lourdes is very large, precisely since it is an entirely focused city on tourism, so you won’t have problems in getting a good accommodation. In antiquity, more precisely in the middle ages, this picturesque town, was fortified, and in those days, still stands the Castle, which is one of its tourist attractions today, by building value and because it offers a magnificent view of the entire commune, since it is situated on a hill. The grotto of Massabille, is another of the forced tours, since it is there where the Virgin Mary made their appearances and today is a place of worship in which has been placed an altar and the image of the Virgin. The Basilicas of the Rosary, the Superior Basilica of St.

Pius X, also known as the shrines, are the most notable religious buildings. Other interesting things to see, is the Via Crucis, located on the Hill of the Espelugues, which is a cross, brought from Jerusalem and large bronze statues of religious characters. Lourdes is, undoubtedly, one of the interesting options for living religious tourism, but also to enjoy all the tranquility and beauty that gives us the nature of that region.


April 28th


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