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Letter Online-portal Of Mail To Print Continue To Trading Success
by Tam

With one of the first hybrid mail solutions for over 2 years on the market, the online mail of the mail to print established successfully itself with one of the first hybrid mail solutions for over 2 years on the market, the online mail of the mail to print successfully establish themselves and enforce market leader due to its versatile and interesting options. Small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers offering the letter-online portal (www.briefonlineportal.de), short BoP”called a solution for efficient and affordable fully online mail,. Here is the ability to produce all business correspondence, also mailings, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and set to letter online, studies show that the always still enjoys a much higher acceptance among the recipients as an E-Mail. As well, the implementation of BoP has become”at large companies, to send the daily mail communication most Individual workstations, proven in terms of time and cost efficiency. And the hardworking field staff can promptly send its offers, order confirmations etc. by the hotel or by the resting place on the trip. This portal solution for companies based outside of Germany is extremely interesting.

The shipping of items of correspondence is possible around the world. It you are abroad in the BoP “Calculator (bop.mailtoprint.de/tarifrechner) identified costs. Print yourself and handle not worth: have ever calculated to how much a business letter actually is? Clearly, the postage for a standard letter (maximum 3 pages in DIN long format) amounted to 0.55. But what will cost you in addition: – paper/paper (material and printing costs), envelope, – your company printer ink/toner and maintenance and wear – time material purchasing/procurement (paper, envelopes, Ink/toner etc), falling to work time for folding, envelope, postage and to the post office, or to the mailbox move. Quickly accumulate all real costs to actual price of 1.00 and more per letter.



June 28th


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