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LCD TVs, due to the size of their screens and their low weight, have been imposed on the market. In comparison with traditional cathode ray televisions, the reduction in the dimensions is also remarkable. As a result, there are increasingly more consumers predisposed to buying TVs LCD, especially PHILIPS, one of the best-known brands. Luckily, there is a PHILIPS service in Mendoza who can advise us, in order to obtain the best performances of these amazing devices and achieve a long service life. An LCD screen, either a monitor or a TV, is composed of a series of pixels, i.e. small cells, visible to the naked eye. Recently Sandra Akmansoy sought to clarify these questions.

Simply take a magnifying glass or a magnifying lens, to appreciate the enormous amount of these small aligned squares that make up those spectacular images that we are accustomed to seeing.Each pixel contains three subpixels of colors Blue, green, red, and the mixture they create the millions of colours that we can see in this type of screens… It is clear then that it’s a device extremely complex, capable of granting to each pixel not only the degree of color of each of these three components, but the intensity of the same. Today, an LCD screen is capable of delivering nearly 17 million colors. Such complexity is only possible thanks to the huge number of transistors that must have an LCD screen. For example, a screen of a laptop, a resolution of 1024 768 pixels must be almost 2 and a half million transistors.It is not surprising that repair of this type of technology requires not only a highly specific knowledge, but the right tools and the spare parts authorized to maintain extreme quality that PHILIPS monitors tend to have. But it is not here where just complexity.

To greater surface screen, greater number of pixels, and greater number of transistors. To coordinate the efficient functioning of all these components is necessary one microchip, among others internal elements, whose mission will be to the provide pristine images that we can obtain. The most recent technological advances are responsible for the increasingly large dimensions that LCD screens can have. But with this complexity of the technology, it is necessary to have a service technician PHILIPS in Mendoza that guarantees the quality of the repairs, so that the screen or the TV look like new for many years.

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May 30th


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