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Latin Americans
by Tam

Preferring to fill their own pockets and their friends instead of making policies in education and research that will improve the living standards of the community in general. Rejecting the brother because of skin color or physical features were not adequate, regardless of their ideas. Unable to get in the shoes of others, not to feel produced anguish, that they themselves helped to create with corrupt practices. With regard to the relationship we have with the United States, at no time can mention invasion, theft, attack, obligation, but support, payment, seduction, conviction, it means that in all this time, the ability to negotiate the Americans, and children, innocent, selfish reactions and with a high degree of idiocy, of Latin Americans, made possible agreements harmful to our interests and today we have plunged into this backwardness and poverty. But yes, as soon as we can, the time we need to exit running of the country, in pursuit of the American dream, because there Yes the rules, met there Yes there work, yes education is high level, there Yes there is technology, there yes I’m best person that is the serious problem that we have, we underestimate, are not nor European, African, indigenous, or American, do not know what we are, and in the worst cases we are Latin Americans. We have not been able to create an identity which pride, wherever we go we are regarded by the corner of the eye, with mistrust, to see what we think smuggle or steal.

If we are suspicious, we are guilty, then you find out. We ourselves created that image, it is not invented by other countries, it is what we show to the outside, and the only thing they want to see, since there are some individual exceptions that do little to a country’s identity. The United States instead always had clear objectives, to become the most powerful country in the world, joining, accepting the different provided that you have good ideas and contribution to the development of the country, forming, as its name implies, a group of States, United by the same interests, something that we have not been able to do in the South, we are a bunch of States disunited fighting individually and according to their own interests.


April 19th


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