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KORSIS Network
by Tam

This reserve is most noticeable on a few primary areas where the so-called "concentrated consumption of "home, shower and industrial wastewater from industrial facilities commensurate with the consumption of domestic water from the town to be allocated to the greatest collectors of the section. Experience in design of drainage networks confirms the possibility of the above method of determining the estimated (total) costs. In calculating the pumping stations, emergency – regulating reservoirs and treatment facilities must have a distribution of daily and replacement costs and hours of the day shifts. In the relative values of municipal wastewater treatment costs into account not only of houses but also on office buildings and municipal enterprises. (3.14) and (3.15) imply uniform disposal of wastewater from the area neighborhoods. When placing on this area of administrative and community facilities, this principle is violated. On sites which discharge water from such facilities should be used Polymer piping type KORSIS with increased costs pass concentrated on them. These costs are set by the relevant applicable regulations. Technology investor contains valuable tech resources.

At the same time, the cost of water in other parts of the network can be less than calculated by formulas (3.14) (3.15). Determination of the estimated cost of waste water for individual sections of the network. Estimated expenditure for the current network section can be determined by gravitating to the specific areas and costs unit length of pipe. The first method is the "area" is widely used in engineering practice, the second – the method "length" – is less common, mainly in the calculation of the network using a computer. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro !).

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March 26th


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