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Klaus Martin STEGMANN Gottlieb
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User friendly and in a new look: Losberger launches new website for the product range of event tents improved structures, extensive extensions and straightforward appearance determine the new Web presence. Customers and prospects quickly and easily provides complete information to all Losberger products, numerous industry news and various services. A clear, emotional imagery invites you to explore, directs visitors to the respective sections in clear page navigation. Just invite so-called marker (teaser) to read more on the home page. They provide clear guidance and information about the content and provide the entry currently prepared and detailed topics. Credit: ???? ?? ??-2011.

Also on the individual category pages continue these modules, so that quickly creates a current overview. If necessary can be immersed then in the page depth and variety of information. Comprehensive descriptions have been set in the area of technical information, so that the prospective buyer much useful information to the Find products with regard to the many dimensions of product and equipment. The download area is presented, clearly divided all available documents now online. An independent press portal provides information, editorial content, as well as enough picture material targeted and subject-oriented. Also on the other sides dominate the vivid imagery and clear examples.

Therefore, event tents be moved for sports, corporate, public and private events as well as trade fairs and exhibitions for sale and lease in the right light. The new website also serves as a platform for the 90 anniversary of the world’s oldest manufacturer of tent halls in system construction. “In the frame of the roof campaign 90 years Losberger” get customers and prospects online informative posts around the brand Losberger and retrieve up-to-date the anniversary theme of the month. The relaunch of the website has been implemented in about 5 months. As an external service provider and Lead agency was tasked with implementing the Stuttgart GWA agency Dongowski and Simon. The effective GmbH, Mannheim supported in Internet technology and online marketing, including the requirement of an international orientation. In 2009 and 2010 gradually adjusted to the Internet sites of the international societies of Losberger new appearance. The already realized control page, the so-called landing page all domains first lead to existing Losberger, helps the Losberger already, the Internet user to the desired information sources and appearances group, of event tents and the industrial buildings to conduct.

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November 17th


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