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Industrial Outsourcing
by Tam

For those who are newly acquainted with outsourcing, or do not know really recommend to download a brief guide on outsourcing for a discussion of some specific terms and become familiar with a number of articles under the heading "Information outsourcing "Industrial Outsourcing – works to implement business functions (management of technological processes, equipment maintenance, etc.) on long-term contracts (more than a year). This kind of outsourcing is often in demand in large industrial enterprises, such as oil and gas. Typically, emerging outsourcing industry standard scheme (very simplistically): The company an incentive to the output of any production of service outsourcing on the tender is a contract staff resigns transfer to the outsourcer Industrial (e) business process (s) are carried out under contract with outsourcer about the pros and cons of outsourcing has been written a lot and it makes no sense to repeat itself, so let's get straight to the point. This article will be considered a tool that helps to build correctly relationship between the customer and the contractor for outsourcing. One of the key issues for the head of the department-level chief engineer or chief power is to determine the budget, required to service the subordinated equipment and arrange repairs and maintenance in accordance with regulatory requirements. Expect the budget to quickly and usually with a given accuracy, and if to outsourcing as a rule it was sufficient to calculate man-hours and materials, and everything else did the economists, then outsource to determine the total budget in rubles according to the article "outsourcing." To calculate the budget needed a reliable schedule of equipment maintenance (outage or something like it).



July 2nd


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