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How To Accomplish Smooth Sailing
by Tam

It is necessary to master the procedures for developing a good meeting, good communication, learn to negotiate, to resolve conflicts and to use many other techniques that have to do with his performance as leader. But also, and not least, while they learn, develop their skills, intelligence, talent and putting efficiencies practice the appropriate use of each of the techniques. Manage your time, develop a good delegation of authority, seek the best alternatives for solving problems, having good meetings by using the best methods of working together, developing formulas for continuous quality improvement, directing the workers as individuals , study what they do best, setting goals and strategies, as well as working on key values that identify the culture of each company are universal aspects that require skills, intelligence and talent. As also required to have a good system of organization, good planning, accounting to record precisely the economic facts, use and analyze statistics, carry out an extensive market research with a good mix of marketing or be in good financial health . I think these words are obvious and require no comment, but that we draw our own conclusions.

1. By the end of the second war and the state of destruction European management style that stood out was “Smooth Sailing.” 2. Awareness by Europe and Japan and the existence of the predominance of a Keynesian economic model encouraged states to develop national industry and with this increased competition and spent Smooth Sailing to turbulence, uncertainty and complexity. 3. A more competitive economy served as a source to stimulate the development of different management approaches and with it the increased use of management techniques and the need for managers to develop more skills. 4. Official site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. As in medicine require managers to have good command of the use of techniques. The failure of a trauma doctor can a person, the mistake of an officer in the use of a technique can trauma groups of workers. 5. Management techniques from a technical perspective are universal and require organizational skills, intelligence and talent in their use.


June 4th


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