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HMM Germany XNET
by Tam

X3.NET committed as daughter of the HMM Germany in the bvitg of the Federal Association of health IT, bvitg e.V., represents the leading IT providers in the health care sector. Now, even the X3.Net GmbH on the accession of its parent company, HMM Germany, is active in the bvitg. The X3.Net GmbH operates the health network X3.Net. Using the X3.Net, the industry partners exchanging documents and information on digital way with each other. The basis for the data transfer is the developed by X3.Net GmbH and already established in the field of supply management X 3 standard.

The X3.Net GmbH hopes from the commitment in the bvitg a lively exchange of information as well as a successful cooperation with other organisations in the health sector. We want to be perceived in this way as a partner over the sectors and appreciate cooperation partner, with which we can design new products, as Ulf of Gores, Division Manager of X3.Net GmbH. our aim is precisely the existing specialized process to align our products.” In addition, the X3.Net is the bvitg as neutral interests towards politics and self-government. We would like, together with the Association and the members to participate in the public infrastructure through standardization and establishment of common interfaces, so Gores. The bvitg 2011 emerged from the merger of the VDAP e.V. with the VHitG E.v.. Outside is the Association of binding partner to the public, who accompanied the design of industry-relevant regulations and constructively in discussions brings.

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September 20th


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