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Natural wonder of stone – how many mysteries he carries himself, how many opportunities are opening in front of experienced designers and architects, the stone attracted attention since ancient times, let us remember what trace left the marble and granite in history. To read more click here: Toshiba. Roman products from marble and granite – marble sculptures fascinate with its beauty, the stone seems a warm, lively, hand and stretches to touch and make sure it's marble. And because of possible a wide variety, and style of marble and granite. Stairs, countertops, monuments, pedestals, columns, balusters, vases, gazebos and many other things that you can install in your home or garden. Rome is full of historical ruins. Each stone, whether it is an ancient marble and granite, Rome – History.

Italians do not restore old buildings, they were only partially recreate the picture, dostraivaya, for example, one wall or rug to make it clear how this look "at life." But surprisingly, all these old crumbling pillars of marble, stones, walls fit into a modern Rome, giving him some special, mysterious flavor of the time. With the help of an artificially aged natural stone can be very similar effect, for that perfect luxury marble and granite all over the world are now hard to find a place where both could be felt, as here, the charm of marble. In today's leading designers draw their experience and inspiration in the ruins of Rome, creating a wonderful product made of marble and granite, which can then serve as elements of the interior of the house of the ordinary person who appreciates noble beauty of marble and granite.

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July 23rd


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