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Fast Is DSL Speed Test – How DSL?
by Tam

The DSL speed of your own DSL connection check fast, faster, fastest true to the DSL outdo this Maxime provider of modern DSL connections again and again at the transmission speeds. And while the competition is happy about their success, other operators are already working to tease out more performance from their networks. At the end, new figures from posters and brochures jump against the user. A different question is whether the promised speed really arrives at the end of the consumer. Finally there is the numbers always theoretical values. And here the problems starting most of the time. Although the availability you can readily check. A speed test is usually only rarely possible.

Before buying while a DSL speed test can be DSL speed test by the user only after installing the hardware and setting up the network perform. But already before buying it is possible turn off limiting factors. Specifically, who as a new renter in an apartment draws, can inform themselves with the operator the maximum network throughput and incorporated the information in the purchase decision. Slow Internet what now? One has the feeling that connection is DSL the promise of the provider, a DSL speed test help. This is the different between server and computer data packets out to small test programs, and send.

Depending on the duration of the transfer, you can then calculated the speed of DSL connection. So that the results will be disturbed as little as possible, all other applications should be closed. In addition, the network of any other participants should be used and be possible on resorted not on Wi-Fi. Are the results of the DSL speed test actually far below expectations, a certain prudence is still attached. Finally, the DSL speed test covers only a specific moment. Only several repetitions can determine with certainty, that the DSL connection not his promise has held.



June 1st


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