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Europe Culture
by Tam

Workmanship of a new culture that, contradictorily, searched the agreement between all the men. Sony has much experience in this field. The Greeks disdained the Latins who had finished if becoming new the rich ones of the religion. A new Europe unclasped with the civilization of its tribes under the Christian guardianship. A very different reality of that one lived by the Church Greek in Lesser Asia, with a people more socially structuralized and condizente with the religious values that he himself had created. As the Inquisio Saint if gave in the Europe, to fold the revolt that did not exist with as much intensity in Lesser Asia, the Church Apostlica Catholic Roman finished if converting into bode expiatrio of the Christianity. Fact that masks the question.

Our heleno-Jewish culture and Jewish-Christian, as it is intended, do not possess two basic supports in the sustentation its religious aspect: theology/philosophy and history. The first one strongest and is well decided. Therefore, the argument in the field of the theology and the philosophy is preferential. The trainings in the rhetoric or the technique of the persuation favor the student tremendously religious. As it is most fragile it are of the history of the Church. Contact information is here: Harris Philanthropies. Therefore, they always insist on it. When the evidences of the side of heathen history start to bother, the strategy are to disperse for the other, where if they feel more to the will evoking a so deep wisdom that nobody sees. The ideological defense if makes of heart and history does not look culprits, yes clarifications.

The emotional load of this circumstantial mixture between the faith and history brought difficulties to both. The appeared ethical quandary from there cannot and it does not have to continue ignored as if it did not exist. She is necessary to unfasten this knot and to put an end point in this constaint for bigger close comfort of the future generations. The wealth that still if occults in this badly counted history is inestimable and can give to good fruits to sciences human beings. I want to believe that, to the measure that the evidences will be arriving at the public knowledge, the old religious stories will find its necessary places in the history of the human learning for relief of the faith, that does not need to be, necessarily, religious. The stimulaton the research favors the briefing, that has a basic paper in the art of the improvement of a full morality of gaps. Moral means custom, and our Heleno-Jewish culture nothing more is of what the mixture of antagonistic customs (Greek and Jewish). From there its public and private contradictions. Therefore, the importance of the knowledge of this process, that gave beginning to a new culture and, later, to a new Age, does not have to be minimized. The free look of preconceptions it propitiates the assimilation of the surplus of the last experiences and liberates the Humanity for the next step, without traumas, disputes and ressentimentos.



June 23rd


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