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Energy Saving Bulbs
by Tam

Who benefits can only guess. Especially considering that the plant will be built until a single copy, as a result of cooperation with China. Of course, this plant can not provide all the needs Russian consumers. By some estimates, it requires at least 60 such plants, given that consumer demand for energy-saving bulbs will grow over time. In the meantime, energy-saving bulbs do not enjoy particularly strong demand, primarily because of its high cost, even if savings (compared to an incandescent lamp) on the acquisition of the lamp will exceed its cost of lamp several times.

With some accuracy, we can predict the high cost of energy saving lamps, made in Russia, even by Chinese technology. Therefore, for a long time will be much more profitable to import lamps energy from China, for which the price even taking into account customs duties will be lower prices for Russian counterparts. Compare as there is no sense, since the Russian tubes are also produced at the plant, built Chinese. I can tell you that the label "Made in China" nothing said, but unfortunately misleading about the quality of Chinese goods are still very common among Russian consumers, who judge on goods purchased at commodity markets.



August 25th


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