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Embassies Of Delve And The Magical Mirror
by Tam

Not only through the Tarot reader, we learn things about ourselves, but also through a magical mirror, we get messages. Who delve into the magical world, you will encounter the mirror magic. Additional information at Bobby Sharma Bluestone supports this article. The magic of the mirror is one of the most mysterious areas of esotericism. It is only a few allowed to look in the mirror and to receive messages from there. How does the magic mirror? There are many names for the mirror in the magic.

It is called magic mirror or even magic mirror. But other names are used. But always there is a knowledgeable mirror that cannot lie. Yes, that because man not able to manipulate a spell means mirror in which magic is. The medium that works with such a magical mirror, sees the truth.

Mostly seen in magical practice with an aqueous ink levels. The medium must un prepare the mirror closely, to see the truth in the magic mirror. First poured a dark ink in a shallow dish. The Mage is focused only on the dark shiny surface and fixed his gaze on the mirroring. The more the medium penetrates into the depth and darkness of the reflection, the more the Scry becomes clearer and clearer. Now come more and more images and visions on the surface of the magic mirror. The magician finds answers to the questioned matter. The first real magic mirror was made of silver. Its surface was polished so long until she shone like the surface of a moon flowery. In such silver mirror effect the water power of the moon. The magic mirror darkens very quickly. Then, the water acts like a starry night. A dark mirror is also often called black mirror, you can see not only the truth in him, but also a part of the divine reality. The magic mirror acts as a magical seismograph. Through it, one can perceive the magic movements and vibrations in various spheres. We can get knowledge and assistance of our subconscious with the help of the magic mirror, as well as Cartomancy, clairvoyance, fortune telling. Shows the subconscious Solutions on. Professional life consultant, psychics, psychics, and media can penetrate into the depth, recognize the solutions and show up. What would remain in the hidden, is suddenly clear. Lyricist lounge



December 27th


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