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Description And Configure A Mobile Client ICQ Jimm 0.6.2 .
by Tam

Just think, once for people to communicate with each other had to use paper (oh, horror!) By mail, carrier pigeons, telegraphs and other opulences modern museums. Everything changed with the times of dawn computer technology, and, subsequently, instant messaging services, in particular, icq. There is nothing easier than Record your friend to your contact list and start chatting. Quickly, conveniently, at virtually no cost. Details can be found by clicking AOL or emailing the administrator. And, with More recently, more and mobile.

Jimm 0.6.2 is a free client for instant messaging networks of icq, built on the technology of Java, and therefore compatible with all phones in the characteristics which had been on support for midp 2.0. (Which is virtually all the more realties actual models, but very very bad mammoths). One major advantage of Jimm is savings compared to communication through sms.Itak as well configured correctly Jimm (for example, version 0.6.2)? Include jimm, first of all go to Preferences in order to adjust the program, making possible its continued use of first introduce your account information from "Big" icq. This is done to Settings – Account. There simply enter our user id and password. If you do not have an account on icq, then press the right soft key and select the menu item to create a new account. After this perform the actions described above. Alternatively, you can register from any computer with installed icq and Internet access or online site icq.com. Particular attention should be paid to the settings menu under the name Network: the server name in this line by default are multiple servers that will program to identify your account.



December 19th


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