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Cut In VAT Rate To 7 Percent For Fling Room Cologne Berlin Munich Frankfurt
by Tam

Self-employment as a commercial rooms landlord fling rooms in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt) worth more than ever. Self-employment worth it again. The opening of a fling room was profitable even before the cut in VAT rate for the hotel industry. But now it is still profitable. With the cut in the VAT rate from 16% to 7%, the commercial rooms for rent forward as well, such as hotel chains and hotel owner. The clean separation must be taken into account by services offered. VAT applies only to the actual rental of room for and not for any other services, such as drinks, breakfast service, transport services, etc. Since prostitution not necessarily hire a fling room must be accompanied by, the room rentals have been lucky.

The directory for casual dating rooms, with the red heart key link on their homepage for this reason only love hotels, hours and fling rooms without links to prostitution. Vanessa Eden (owner of the page love hotels stundenzimmer.com) reveals: “I myself was operator of hours room in Bayreuth. I worked at this time as escort probably, but I’ve never used the room. Because I myself offered accompaniments only up to four hours, was traveling throughout Germany and a meeting in my own room never in question would have been, I could separate these services well. So I know that the rental page jump rooms must have not necessarily anything to do with prostitution. The opposite is even the case. “The rooms are first and foremost by private couples, so booked page jumpers.

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June 2nd


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