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In the CAL made intuitive naming of objects – the name is taken from ClearCase and prefixed "CC". For example, the CAL CCElement object is an element of ClearCase. Interfaces. It is worth noting that the differences between objects and obscure interfaces for Visual Basic-programmer, but these refinements are necessary because of the fact that the examples below, not only in Visual Basic, but also on the Visual C + +. An object can support multiple interfaces. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro . For example, a CCVersion supports an interface for manipulating information ICCVersion distinctive versions of ClearCase and interface for manipulating ICCFile system information about files.

Well as various objects can maintain the same interface. For example, objects and CCVersion CCElement, both support the interface ICCFile, because both objects represent the data file system. Each CAL-object has a primary interface (primary interface), along with the other (the latter is optional). In CAL multiple interfaces are supported only through inheritance, in other words, if you know the inheritance hierarchy, then you know what interfaces are supported each object. (This is not true for all COM-interfaces, but surely for the CAL-interface).

The primary (main) interface for CAL-object has the same name as the object of CAL, but with the prefix "I. For example, a revised steel CCLabel main interface and object ICCLabel CCVersion is the primary interface ICCVersion. Methods and properties. Each interface supports a number of properties and methods by which you can interact with objects. Properties can receive and (sometimes) to establish some of the information about the object.

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September 3rd


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