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Current date: ‘Communication in communities and religious institutions’ 23 / October 24, 2009, seminar for Councillors and members, church leaders, employees and interested parties in a secularized world Hamburg we are in society and world of work today increasingly confronted with a reality, which presents us with new challenges, especially with respect to the communication. The daily work in the field of tension of faith, religiosity and Member loss, cuts and closures requires an appreciative and unifying communication. Christians still expects an exemplary cooperation. What ways are there to enable smoother communication? How can the operation flow in churches and institutions be improved? In the communication of training in parishes and church institutions”, you will learn how you motivational and conflict-solving can operate with the help of communication models, questioning techniques, and Gesprachsfuhrungs methods in your environment. Goal is a sustainable and binding form of communication, the Criticism, praise and wishes, expectations, admits without de-motivating and confusing. Use the seminar to strengthen your communication and leadership skills!

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