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Christian Baumann
by Tam

A small village in the Vogelsberg mountains in the race fever and is thrilled with an entire village in the State of emergency, which was Altenschlirf on the last weekend. Almost like formula 1 circus, because for the second time held here a Germany-wide unique event, that \”24 h classic Vulkan Trophy\”. Energy Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. There were 28 teams, which have been at the start, in the last year were now 38 teams. 36 teams, which spare neither themselves nor their vintage are launched. As in the previous year, security at all fun had again a top priority. So it is understandable that in the qualification round of Austrian defending champion of last year at 70 miles an hour against a tree crashed, although as a precaution was flown to the hospital, but was only slightly injured. What it had meant that the team was no longer? They are safely back with next year. Another team took the curve slightly too hastily in the race and crashed into one of the many huge hay bales, but again suffered only the hay bales and had to be replaced.

A dangerous mission the present fire, had she had to happen but the line with the frenzied tractors to clear an exploded deep Fryer in the \”Innfield\”. That resulted in that the two other \”food stalls\” long snakes were, because the food was good and 24 hours are really long. 4.5 km circuit, cyclo-cross over gravel, of course, the human and material went all desired down dirt roads and asphalt. However, nature conservation aspects were emphasized at the route, as the Club, expressed positively on cooperation with all authorities. Amazingly so presenter Christian Baumann was with how much joy and enthusiasm to join many other clubs also. A special thanks is therefore also serving people from the DRC, Maltese, THW, fire brigade and the some 200 additional helpers.

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September 27th


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