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Charles Darwin
by Tam

Within dog training techniques we can find the classical conditioning, operant conditioning, reinforcement, positive and negative, and variety of other methods to teach the animal a given behavior. These techniques are not limited to dogs, can be said, apply to other animals and to humans, in fact the system of scores is also a complexity of the system of rewards, good action, a reward (a good grade). Returning to the subject of training of dogs, dog training techniques, techniques the most widespread technique is undoubtedly the classical conditioning or intense also called responsive conditioning, which in fact is one of the simplest methods of training and was also the first to be put into scientific research. Thanks to the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, who was developed the technique of classical conditioning, when studying the processes of digestion in dogs. His well-known experiment, do ring a Bell when going to give food to the animal, after several repetitions, with the only sound of the Bell, the salivary glands of the animal segregated saliva as if they were about to eat. On the other hand we have the operant conditioning, which is a technique of training that is related more with the development of new behaviors, and not exactly the association between a stimulus and an act or conduct reflects.

The development of the operant conditioning techniques owe them to B. F. Skinner, who was based on investigations of Pavlov, Edward L. Thorndike and Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory. An example of the operant conditioning is the phenomenon observed when a dog jumps on his master to have this play with him or to receive it. The dog jumps on del amo, misconduct, but master ends up playing with him to appease him, then behavior is strengthened because the animal got what she wanted, and is when he tends to repeat it over and over again, thus generating annoying habit.

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August 27th


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