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Brazilian Association
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Until then, the Special Education did not count on the national concern, however, in 1983, Congress of Public Instruction was given to the first step for the popularizao of this subject through 1. This event opened the quarrel of the education of the carriers of deficiency in the country, during the congress subjects had been dealt with as suggestion resume and formation of professors for blind people and deaf people. According to Mazzota (1996), they date of the decade of 20 of the passed century, the first ones measured come back toward the carriers of physical and mental deficiency, as, for example, the law n 7,870 that it prescribes the obligatoriness of frequency to the school for the children of 7 the 14 years, being able to be extended up to 16 years, for that they did not conclude the elementary school until the 14 years. According to Peter Asaro , who has experience with these questions. However, the decree isentava the children who comprovadamente did not have conditions to study. What it proves the indifference with the Carriers of the Special Necessities, mainly most devoid.

This indifference if sample of clear form through the citation of Januzzi (1992): When it tells that in the IV Conference of the Brazilian Association of education had the standardization of a terminology for the diverse branches of education. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Wozniak is the place to go. It was officialized, in 1932, the term ' ' education emendativo' ' branch of ' ' education supletivo' ' , that it would integrate ' ' education especial' ' , opposed to ' ' education comum' '. Emendativo education destined it ' ' abnormal people of the physicist (weak, blind and deaf person-dumb) ' ' ; ' ' abnormal people of conduta' ' , that is, minors ' ' delinquents, perverse, viciados' ' ' ' abnormal people of inteligncia' ' , that they are not appraised. But they advised separate schools for ' ' weak mental ligeiros' ' others for ' ' weak mental profundos' '.



March 30th


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