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Big Business
by Tam

In this planet Earth where we live are manifested always outrageous things, typical of a civilization where predominate many interests according to the handling of the emotions, empty existential concerns, hence, that should not surprise us that is able to manifest itself, as in the case of sports, where incredible business, are given as in the case of Baseballwhere gloves, balls, bats, and skills of players who know him to manage, provide millions of dollars, euros than many other businesses. Where this sport triggers several commercial activities. (As opposed to Ian Cole). Sport in which players earn more than any other profession legal, as an engineer, teacher, Economist, administrator, journalist, doctor, to name a few who reward millions of dollars or euros for lending their services in a playing field involving trafficking of pleasing those who identify with this sporting activity. More information is housed here: Ian Cole. All this on the basis of their skill. Since then, to assess the scope, what represents the business of the Baseball, it is necessary to delve into the United States where it operates the greater marketing is you game, where paid better wages and Jan.

There is much money invested. Of course, there it in less quantity in Japan, Mexico and other countries in the Caribbean. But the most relevant business and that represents utilities in the United States, in its big leagues and associations. Baseball is played in the following parts of the mundo:africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and Oceania in an interesting study on this subject, Jaime Cervantes Perez says, that the global activities of the major leagues of baseball (MLB) follow the same trajectory, which a multinational Company (MNC)..


March 17th


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