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Barack Obama
by Tam

The morning after the election victory of Barack Obama, I saw in the hallways of the offices a small group of people hugged and said "I'm dreaming," "this is really a dream." The day the world linked the famous "I have a dream" Martin Luther King forty years ago with the "dream come true" for Obama. As never before in the history of U.S. elections, a significant proportion of the world rejoiced in the result. We all expect changes the new president, but not many do radical changes that do not accentuate the nightmare, changes that do not exacerbate our disappointments to come. In other trials we noted that the recent change in U.S. policy and geopolitical change the world in recent years, apparently pointing to the same direction outlined by the revolution of Renaissance humanist thought. The backlash in recent decades, largely represented by the conservative ideologies of postcolonial imperialism of the last third of the twentieth century would have been a "diversion" in the road map, a slowdown violent history, a confirmation of that truth is a permanent reconstruction of the ideological and military power of the moment, the force of reason has no chance against the logic of force, that the only power comes from muscle, not far from the wisdom of justice, such can understand it as a humanist. But how to know whether a detour that takes decades and a target X that appears as unattainable, they may be thinly and objective considered a diversion the other? There is a radical difference.



August 8th


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