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Aviation Fire Extinguisher
by Tam

‘ Better build dykes than hope that the tide gradually adopts reason. (Hans Kasper) A flight attendant to ensure security on board, because it harms nothing, if strong is strengthen. – when a fire incident on Board also statistically represents a rather rare accident, is an essential security measure carrying a small loeschgeraetes to fight a fire and the uncontrolled spread of fire in the aircraft. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For aircraft registered in Germany and helicopters, a fire extinguisher on board is even required by law since 1 April 2009. With the fire extinguisher A-344 T the company Siebert aviation supplies online shop offers a small, handy fire extinguisher for the cockpit, that corresponds to the section 8 of 3rd DV LuftBO. Get more background information with materials from ???? ?? ??. The halon fire extinguishers for aviation is recommended due to its low weight of only 1.3 kg including bracket with a delete media content of 0.57 kg.

Handy and again auffullbar the model is A344T Halon 1211 ideal to carry on the plane and suitable for aircraft with up to four passengers. The third regulation of operating regulations for aviation equipment prescribes outside carrying a portable fire-extinguisher equipment of aviation equipment by air carriers on aircraft and helicopters. A lightweight flight attendants with a deletion area by 22.9 cm to 30.5 cm in the cockpit, which benefits from the thirteen years experience of its producers in the application of halon extinguishing agent for aircraft-specific fire extinguisher is located with the fire extinguisher of H3R aviation manufacturer. The ticket for this important guest is at the online shop siebert.aero / available to 279 and he can be welcomed 8130-3 and bracket on board with FAA certificate.



November 17th


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