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During the crisis the insurance for car prices have dropped and sales of used cars have increased while sales of new vehicles have suffered a detriment of 40%. During the last years there was a period of splendour in the sale of cars that ended in 2007, but you can now that we find ourselves in a situation on the upside by manufacturers, subsidies to purchases and banking restrictions end offerings. This has made to increase the recruitment of insurance also offers occur in the price of insurance of cars. We can say now there is a mini bubble in terms of sale of cars and insurance. The first bubble occurred between the years 2007 and 2008 where increased incentives for the sale of new vehicles and auto registrations were produced in order to achieve annual targets. It is this bubble and the unreal situation on the market for what was later suffered the biggest falls. Cars sold always figures were inflated by some monstrous stocks from own dealers so the fall was so great. The current exercise are still more positive by the increase in loans to buyers and a greater commitment to brands with their dealers. Also the situation improves for insurers given its policy of improving car insurance prices. Harlan and gain more knowledge.. insurance-of-coche.



April 21st


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