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Are We Adequately Secured Against Theft And Unauthorized Access?
by Tam

Burglary and theft – ultimately it can each make… starting with the small retailers about schools, gyms, homes for the elderly to carriers and car dealerships. The police can not always be, to prevent offences with property and at worst also injury – how can we insure ourselves? Many believe a collapse could not meet them. Then it happened, the shock is often deeply. Easily accessible and poorly secured entrance doors, window or basement ducts are not a big problem for burglars.

Even easier, it is during the day made burglars in for example schools, old people’s homes or office buildings, because here no input controls exist in many cases. Simply, the doors are open for everyone. Burglar to the detriment of the carefree concerned like to accept this invitation. Not to protect burglar to come in anyway everywhere “, so the statement of not yet degraded is often. Far from it – against intrusions or unauthorized access can very well, we protect ourselves. The police (see brochure bad deals for burglar”page 6) the experience that burglars fail to backup technology makes again and again, especially in the commercial field,. Burglars are in many cases not well equipped and deterred so often with simple backup technology or burglar alarms.

Visible deterrent as video surveillance and access control pose a greater threat to the potential burglar and prevent forcible or unlawful entry. Professional access control can be used to control exactly who, how long and when access to different rooms, areas and buildings have. To gain access to a room or area with technical access control, a proof of identity must be provided. This can be done in different ways for example by code entries, magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, Bluetooth mobile phone or by biometrics such as fingerprints, iris or Netzhautscan or Palm prints. Usually, an access control system consists of at least three components. A sensor takes the identification of the user and transfers them to a central control unit. This access control determines who gets what access rights when and where. A user is actually allowed a so-called actuator is activated and the user is granted access. There are 2 ways, such as the Headquarters this decision”can meet. Either it is an offline system, in which the Central can make the decision himself or to an online system in which the Central only confirm the decision by a central supervisory body must settle. Backup system which is suitable for who, always depends the secured object or area. What is certain is that well designed and tuned to the object security systems contribute significantly to the property and personal safety. No matter whether it is a mechanical device, a video surveillance, alarm systems or an access control. Also affect Backup systems positively on the insurance protection from. V.i.S.d.P and your contact Torsten food food safety technology industrial park road 3-5 44339 Dortmund Tel. No. 0231-9898351 email: Internet: food safety technology from Dortmund is an experienced and reliable specialist for modern security technology, both for commercial and private customers. The company places an emphasis on cutting-edge technology, fast and uncomplicated realisation of orders and best customer service. Many years of experience, qualified personnel and reliable partners, such as for example the company Abus and Dorma, stand for a qualitative execution of planned projects.



June 16th


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