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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
by Tam

There are many fears together. These determine our rules of coexistence and respect towards people and things that exist in our environment, but they must overcome along our lives through formal education system “approved by Leya ” to strengthen the authority of the teacher in class and, of course, the peaceful coexistence students. And now, to top it all this, we’re taking the fear of aggression that is being promoted in our classrooms. We assume that there must be fear and dread. The principle of authority of teachers a “which has always existed in schools first ensenanzaa ” is dragged along the ground, and students know it. Those “working and showing you ” serve as a bulwark between boys and girls and their respective parents, but earning our daily bread with his salary, that we should try as it does not become the wages and fear. There I have a bad day! Atout see it black! love hurts the heart!, we say, as if the viscera were able to detect muscle pain.

Within these and similar statements have been inserted for a world of fears (phobias, many times): fear of love, myocardial infarction, cancer, at (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), fear of losing his head, fear suffering, fear of pain. All these fears that we amenazana “in the run XXIa century ” at the same time, lead us inevitably to the great fear in all of us: our fear of death. The society that we live does not exactly help us overcome these barriers of the intellect. We think and act as human beings we are. And is that the global picture is problematic: fratricidal wars, violation of mujeresa “with the final outcome of muertea ” and their rights, mental and physical abuse of minors, illegal detention of minors … that are gone forever, and so on. La Coruna, June 23, 2009 Mariano Cabrero Barcena Copyright writer of reviews: Mariano Cabrero Barcena Madrid, 11/08/1938 Married, two children and lives in La Coruna (Spain) Writer, poet and essayist Officer of the State Administration / Scale Superior, retired E-mail: Works: “Journalism: Dificil profession!, 1995” My commitment to journalism, 1998-Reminiscences of my youth, poems, 1994 -Miscellaneous deaths, dreams and memories, poems, 1995-The reality of my silence, poems, 1997-The journey of life, poems, 2001 La Coruna, September 27, 2007.


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