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AC Hoteles
by Tam

The hotel sector will be one of the hardest for the claims just around the holidays, according to a study conducted by Strauss and Seidel s. Breach of conditions, benefits or features hired through agencies or tour operators generated a significant volume of claims to return from the vacation. Customers have complaints and reviews for products and services used in the hotel facilities, many of them are positive, although most tend to be negative. According to the study by Strauss and Seidel s, customers this summer made claims and these are resolved satisfactorily they will become loyal customers of the hotel and will recommend it to more people, than those who have received a correct service from the first moment. At the same time, the analysis shows that mismanagement of the claims has a high enough cost to harm the profitability of the hotel. The study shows that, although 22% of customers they will have an experience negative, only a 4% will come to bring a claim, which will impact the following year in a loss of clients worth 150,000 euros. The figure amounts to two million euros per year if you add the cost on refunds, returns, refunds, negative publicity and the money that leaves entering a hotel of those unhappy customers that they do not complain, but that they will not return to be customers in the future. For this reason, know the experiences of customers and enhance loyalty have become key factors to reduce the economic losses of the hotel companies. According to the study, the major hotel chains are beginning to recognize the value of the claims as a means to identify problems in their services, and encourage all customers to submit suggestions and comments. You’ve had a bad experience at a hotel? It’s never too late, now send your claims or suggestions: claims to NH Hotels claims to AC Hoteles

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August 5th


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