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The Knots An Effective Way Of Thinking Reality
by Tam

. I invite the reader to think the events presented to us like imaginary knots that we must solve, knots with different colors, with different sizes, knots carrying mirrors that awaken us to feelings, emotions and actions. Challenging knots that in a continuous inter – relationship shape and sculpt our attitudes, which at times are located outside our, other times are within us and in some scenes the knot we are ourselves. The fact of imagining life as a great rope full of knots, predisposes us to think that not everything is easy and plain, but also warns us in advance that in everyday life they expect us inevitably stumbling blocks with characteristics dissimilar, ranging from the simple fact of the awakening in the morning, to the overcoming of a certain duel. Addressing the evolution of the day with this premise, avoid us unnecessary actions. We can not already complain for the problems that we had today, imagining that there is a point where they disappear completely.

If you know that conflicts are not part of our existence, of our development and growth, we only cared to learn and internalize the necessary tools so that these do not destroy us and simultaneously enjoy overcome stage or the process of overcoming of which I know is involved. The decision to learn to overcome obstacles, resides in the first instance in believing that these exist as air, are inevitable. We raffle continuously plenty of obstacles, perhaps not we realize, because we have automated our behavior. Consider the simple act of walking, we do, we run to achieve a taxi, a micro, however we not warned that the simple route of walk from our House to the street, is a myriad of obstacles overcome, an example of this, is the sense of direction, we know almost perfectly as lead us in our city, although this fact was not an innate legacy, but that was learned, we forget this accomplishment, until we are going to a neighboring town, and what was simple, becomes complex. Get all the facts and insights with Alina de Almeida, another great source of information.

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May 10th


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