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VLCC Increase
by Tam

Vice versa: take part in the capital increase with a lesser amount, they remain committed to in addition to the repayment of the loan. For example, The previous participation is amounting to 50,000. The capital will be increased by 7%. Distributions of 10,000 are reclaimed. Investors can participate so with 3,500 in the capital increase, must – if the capital increase – but still pay more 6,500 at the fund company. Investors should therefore note: they are in any case entitled to participate in the capital increase in the amount corresponding to the respective percentage of the capital increase on your previously excellent deposit.

You can on the capital increase in the amount of the promised loans (and even beyond) participate, however the drawing only to the extent can be assumed, like other Investors do not exercise their subscription rights. Should fail the capital increase due to lack of sufficient participation of investors, distributions reclaimed by the termination letter are must be paid anyway, at the fund company. If you can defend themselves against the recovery of loans, you should inspected if necessary by a lawyer. However, chances to fight back, plenty bad due to the decisions of the Oberlandesgericht Hamm by February 2, 2011, March 9, 2011 and September 21, 2011, also because it is currently impossible to predict when and how the Federal Court will decide a revision rejection complaints, however, are. Is unclear from our point of view but still, whether participation in the capital increase reliably stopped wiederaufgelebte liability of the limited partners.

The information of the fund company are rather inadequate for a reliable assessment. Investors should ensure this through appropriate inquiries with the fund company. It is Yes the risk to avoid that later a creditor or the liquidator thinks, the participation in the capital increase have stopped but the liability on return of received dividends. In this case, investors run the risk once again to pay the dividends despite the participation in the capital increase. If the Fund management company is pretty cocky speaks of a discharge liability model, she must be legal certainty investors also comprehensible. You have questions about your Fund’s contribution to one of the DS return funds VLCC? you want to know what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation?

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April 21st


Entertainment Gmb
by Tam

Experience this great feeling can also the players of my boyfriend my first great love”. In it they come quite a bit, up to to win their flock for himself. First you select the boys, they want to give her heart. It is a romantic musician, a well trained athletes or perhaps a rebellious skater? Who found his ideal candidate, must draw attention him only to himself. To do this, they conjure up a gorgeous Make-Up in the face that will leave an unforgettable impression.

Then the clothes on the line. They can make money for cool new outfits with student jobs. Have you saved enough, it’s happening in your nearest shopping center. Beautiful make-up and perfectly styled, they appear equally much confident before their loved ones. Full of beans, they master even the most demanding dance, skateboard track and football games, with which they show their elect, that they are the right choice for him. “The Nintendo DS game 2: my little baby + my boyfriend my first great love” is available now for 29.99 euros in trading. Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo.

2009 Nintendo. TREVA entertainment: TREVA Entertainment GmbH 2006 opened today’s business operations. Current issues for children, adolescents, young adults and families in the segments of console and PC games and online and mobile games are published. “” At the heart of the portfolio are the games of the internationally established, own series labels horse & pony”, ANIKIDS” classics to go “and J4G JUST FOR GIRLS”. But also stand alone titles like just SING! “, the world’s first karaoke game for Nintendo DSi, or dance!” It’s your stage”in cooperation with Detlef D! Samuel belong to the core business of TREVA.

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April 20th


The Basis
by Tam

Millennia is high-quality oil, enriched is fragrant essences of flowers used to make a pleasant impression of a massage. Here, several components come together, providing relaxation and well-being. To the heat of the oil, the fragrance of flavours and the massage therapists ensure that he will soon feel a positive effect to treatment. The effect of flavourings is known from many areas. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In many homes, scented candles or scented oils are in use, everyone knows that they are relaxing, stimulating, calming or energizing can act. How does an oil massage? On the basis of the complaints found out, what oil should be used. It is used either in a full body massage or a partial body massage, it is easy warmed.

For the aroma oil massage, a high-quality base oil is used as a basis consisting of olive oil, sesame oil or almond oil. The aromatic oil is added to and can then be applied to a slight warming. Most people suffer from the typical stress symptoms such as back pain, headaches and tension in the shoulder and neck area. Nevertheless this massage will involve also the surrounding areas, because everything is in a context. Depending on the treatment request de masseur applies various techniques and handles, a disparate impact is said to have also the various oils.

What oils do have what effect? Not only the different techniques of massage, but also the different flavours are used purposefully. BDT Capital Partners gathered all the information. Lemon balm oil, rose or lavender oil is used to relax very much. Orange, lemon, or bergamot oil are used for fatigue. Sensual impact variations, however, patchouli, rose and many more scented oils are also considered. A full body massage approx. 90 minutes, a takes partial massage 20 minutes. New energy through the foot reflexology of the feet of the people are not only, that he can stand and walk. Under the surface of the skin are nerve endings, which you can stimulate corresponding organs through touch.

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April 16th


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