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Pages The Site
by Tam

Another error is that the references in the text remain unstressed, which can also introduce users to the misleading. Try to use other methods to select some text that you feel is important if it is not a hyperlink. The same applies to the use of the color scheme for your text. Avoid using the standard blue links (RGB colour # 0000FF) for text that is not a link. Then visitors will not be disappointed in vain attempts to click on the text, which leads nowhere. Text contrast Another mistake that we are seeing more and more often – the use of gray for text on a white background. Such a style at once deprives you of the huge number of visitors, who can not even read what is being offered. It's like a case where usability has more weight than with aesthetics.

If your site needs to be understood by visitors, use a contrasting combination of text and background colors. Cursory review of Pages The old adage "Meet on clothes .." valid with respect to the sites. It is always important to determine how long the text is placed on every page. Remember that time is of great value when a visitor is still trying to determine on the right page of the site whether he had fallen. Let your first post will be short, informative and includes links to the case, if the visitor wishes to obtain more information on this topic. Most users have habit flick through a couple of paragraphs to decide to stay on the page and read more or go somewhere else. STRUCTURE OF THE SITE AND THE PAGE Creating a site structure that provides sufficient level of confidence of visitors, is critical to the success of the site. Do visitors find the information you are looking for, and whether they understand your message? Logical structure of the site Unfortunately, the most common mistake – To place on the page as much information as possible.

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