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Dreamweaver Course
by Tam

Returning to the thread of my previous article, and face the reality that could with physical effort work, nor attracted me particularly the idea clear, I decided to investigate the possibility of making money on the Internet. The first thing what I talked about was pages of payment by clicks or read advertising, a regrettable loss of time and, sometimes, money. Since then I do not recommend anyone this kind of activity and this, of course, I discovered for myself. Unfortunately I do not read on any blog that, incidentally, I knew what it was, what you are reading now. Samsung is full of insight into the issues. Only some pages of paid advertising is saved from this negative recommendation. There are pages where post ads, but at the same time give you a few cents by reading and watching the advertising emails that you send. Unfortunately I was wasting my time, since I didn’t find any mentor who will take the trouble to personally lead me in my search for Internet extra revenue, which will complete the salary that was gaining by my low status. Until I found a page that made me see that the important realmete, as in any other activity, is training, but training relating to the market that we are moving, not just any training and now let me explain: in my desire to know and make me expert in Internet, I bought a course in D… Formation of company C.., pages web HTML design, which cost me about 600. Of course, told me not the commercial, which should have a level of knowledge in this field to take advantage of this (hoax) course and course material, three folders with 3 videos, that I have not taken advantage, besides I have on a bookshelf that know thoroughly HTML, it is not necessary to make a web. There are smart editors and free as the Komposer and other payment and most complete, clear, such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver.

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August 14th


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