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Web Directories
by Tam

A web directory is a website that tries to increase the link popularity of other sites with as thematically relevant backlinks. To ensure the relevance, given the website categories and subcategories. Webmasters can now their website (about n) in this catalog and write a description. The entry is then checked by the administrator of the web catalog for spam and quality and then released. Now, either the link appears at the appropriate subcategory with the description text or in the sub is a link to a detail page that has been specially created for the link. the latter is obviously better because it can provide its own entry with back links and also more likely to present topics relevant. Web Directories with back link mandatory There are web directories that require a back link in return from them.

These engines should I register only when it is certain that one has an advantage of it, because often “take” more than they give these web directories “.

Especially because some web directories are so bold that they expect the backlink from the registered page or even from the home page of the registered site. Entries in web directories such should be avoided. Moreover, a Web catalog have no more than 50 links in a category, otherwise the Pagerank inheritance is so small that it is simply not worth it. It should also not hundreds of categories to be empty, otherwise creates a lot of duplicate content (DC). Nor should one, especially in older pages that already have a high Pagerank, make sure that still in subcategories such as Computers & Technology Electronics exists a Pagerank (of course depends on the Pagerank of the homepage).

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March 29th


How To Promote Your Website With Qassia Sport
by Tam

How to promote their Web sites at Qassia Qassia is a site that lets you go back to non-reciprocal links to achieve this, you need to add an article or as they call it an Intel or intellectual, that is, a piece of information, sort of an article or blog entry. The intellectual else to add, the better. Intellectual Adding Qassia is what it is. The intellectual to add, you get more credit in the form of Qassia dollars. This will make your sites get better ranking qassia directory. And for every intellectual to add, you get a backlink – this will be picked up by search engines and seen by the people who read your Intel. Finally, if the intellectual has a lot of pages, can generate advertising revenue, all of which goes to you.

Therefore, we agree that the addition of lots of Intel's good. But what kind of intellectual or Intel should add? There is almost no restriction on the type of intellectual that you can add, but if you want to promote your site effectively, you may want to know what kind of information people are looking for. What NOT to do not to add on your website or product. Most people usually start with the addition of Intel on its own Web page, in the following sense: This amazing site / product offers blablabla and has lots of interesting things and information and blablabla. This program began with the idea of receiving a large number of visitors, and there are some things you find useful. a chale out! It's basically an ad. An ad is a form of information, and therefore allowed, but will not help you much.

People do not like reading a sales pitch and they will not come in search of such information, either. a Do not add poetry, stories, jokes, or other creative writing. Not a good idea if you want to effectively promote their websites, since most users do not appreciate poetry, nor search engines. a "Add information about interesting things to know. Add articles about things you know more than most others. For example, if you are a black belt in karate, then you probably know more about karate than most people. Accordingly, his intellectual karate is likely to be good and interesting. Or if you're an ornithologist, then add intellectual birds is a good way to get started. And so on. But if you do not want to write articles have the option to rate the articles published and this also gives credit, also if you refer someone also gets credit a Navarre mauro attorney, licensed in social sciences. lover or fan of internet marketing

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March 16th


Why Search Engine Promotion Matters
by Tam

Today, if you want to achieve one of the top positions in major search engines, you can not do this unless you’re an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), if they do not come up dozens of original articles to specialized sites or do not promote your production site with videos of their own. Becoming a search engine expert requires years of experience, study, research, testing and constant dedication. The results usually do not arrive quickly, you must first get the difficult goal of putting your website in top positions of the major search engines, but after continuous work constantly to keep that position of privilege.

That is, the investment in time is very high and if what you claim, is to promote a product, service or your online business, time is money and if you do not get the goal, you’re losing a lot. So …

What are the alternatives to search engine optimization?. There are two good options that I talk to you then. The first would write dozens of original articles and post them everywhere you can find specialized. time is also high, but the results may come quickly if you care that your articles and your website are minimally optimized. Basically what you’re doing is putting “backlinks” (side links) to your website, which will multiply as your article is distributed by hundreds of sites that publish content sites where you posted. The second and more expensive to get quick results, is the publication of self-produced videos to promote your websites.

Creating your own videos and uploading them to social networks like YouTube, you can create hundreds or thousands of backlinks as video sites are distributing your products. The result is that many people will see your promotional videos and captures the interest of the Internet, create a viral promotion for your site that will not cost you a dime.

Obviously, The more videos you upload, receive more visitors on your website, more backlinks you will have your site online and very quickly move up as you go up more and more videos. In addition to “fill” the network of your backlinks, that scales positions in major engines like Google, is also due to the great importance they have acquired sites like YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace and other sites that have millions of visitors monthly. If you search on Google, you’ll see that after the first position, generally contain links to relevant videos related to the keywords you used for that search. But most Internet users have basic computer skills, and the mere fact of producing a video of their own, find it an almost impossible task, or if successful, yields are generally low quality, a fact that will influence the number of people who displayed these videos. So I want to introduce a system where anyone with basic computer skills can create your videos in minutes and without any additional costs to own purchase of the product itself. If you want to learn how to create your own videos, you can inform in detail on my website.

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March 14th


Web Promotion By Entry In Web Directories
by Tam

Right now you can see them at every turn sprout from the ground: web directories. Does it really his home page in this catalog to be registered? I can say from personal experience: Yes! However, one should separate the chaff from the wheat, as many catalogs are just lists of links, with a lot of spam, and they bring little link popularity. A good Web catalog checks and manages its records by hand and turns especially not all junk, or the thousandth affiliate link free. Furthermore, the categories should be well structured so that the user can start a bit with the web catalog. With the larger engines (meisst from PR 5), one can expect even direct clicks on its registered link, as these catalogs can often already reported a good flow of visitors.

Very good is also a Web catalog that creates a link to each their own, optimized details page, as these details can be found in the search results pages too often before the registered link, which still brings a plus in promotion.

One should however not only Web Directories judged by the PageRank, because the next PR update is determined, then it may already be very different. I also have catalogs with high PR seen, However, at a total bad links to redirect URLs, for both the categories, and for the registered links. From these catalogs is advised against because they bring nothing to the list. Well, it’s always when the category pages are linked normally and static, so that search engines can spider and index well. It certainly makes some work to sign, but with consistent registration work can be achieved with good engines ever had a PR 4 for the separate page, which can then build on it further example with link exchange.

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March 9th


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